Georg Engel's Leistungskurs Englisch 2006/08 Looking forward to the Brave New World of universal happiness after the Abitur...

Homework for Wednesday March 5, 2008

1) Read chapter 2 (=old homework) and 3 of Brave New World.

2) You should know what we did on Monday, i.e. the answer to the questions we did in class on Monday (which already would have been your homefork for Monday. Thanks to those who handed it in.):

(The line numbers refer to the text handed out in class.

1. What is the ambiguous effect of the description in lines 5 (“The Director opened a door…”) to 13 (“…whiteness of marble.”) ? By what means does the writer achieve it? [Expected answer]

2. Describe the character of the Director as it is revealed in this text. Give evidence for your description.

3. In lines 5 (“The Director opened a door…”) to 59 (“…the volume of their howling increased.”) the Director demonstrates how children are conditioned in this Centre. Outline the various stages of this process. [Expected answer]

4. In how far does the description of sounds reflect the progress of the action?

5. What factors make the experiment so horrifying?