Georg Engel's Leistungskurs Englisch 2006/08 To learn or not to learn, that is the question...

Lord Voldemort watches over your homework habits

Here you see what happens

to pupils without homework:

Homework slavery is also a form a slavery


Homework for Monday Jan 21, 2008

1) Look at the complex characterisation of Macbeth which we did in class. You should know and remember that.

2) Read act I, scene v [= p. 1 and top of p. 2 of the handout], especially her monologue at the beginning when she gives us an insight into her psyche and her view of her husband.

2) Read scene vii: Macbeth's monologue [p. 3, ll 1 -28] and his dialogue with Lady Macbeth [= p. 3 ll. 28 to p. 4, l. 82 on the handout] and find all of Macbeth's reason why he should not kill King Duncan. Make a list of his arguments against regicide.