John Grisham

Abraham Rosenberg

Work sheet:

1. What information about the Supreme Court and its influence does the reader get in this excerpt?

2. What impression does the reader get of Rosenberg's apearance and state of health?

3. Briefly describe Rosenberg's beliefs and ideaology. What significance may his name have in this context?


a) Make a list of the demonstartors mentioned in ll. 33-35 and put them into groups of larger categories.

b) Which of the demonstartors do you think are probably demonstrating against Rosenberg, and which are on his side?

5. Keeping in mind that this nis a fictional text, what di you think were Grisham's intentions? What means does he use to achieve his intentions?

6. What forms of political protest are mentioned in the text? Which of them do you think are tolerable in a democratic society, and which of them are not?

(From: Georg Engel et al., Britain and America. Images and Perspectives, Berlin: Cornelsen 1997