Graham Greene: A Gun for Sale

Work Sheet

I. Questions on the text:

Answer the following questions on the text. Keep to the direct and indirect information contained in the text, but use your own words as far as possible.

1) Briefly describe atmosphere of the town when raven walks to his job.

2) Briefly summarize the events/the external action :

3) Write a detailed characterization of Raven.

4) Briefly characterize the type of narrator in this passage. Illustrate your findings with reference to the text.

II. Text production

5) Describe events from the view-point of Emma, the minister's servant, shortly before she is shot. Write down the thoughts going through her mind as she presses her body against the door.

III. Translation

Translate the following text into perfect idiomatic German:

The main character in a novel must necessarily have some kinship to the author, they come out of his body as a child comes from the womb, then the umbilical cord is cut, and they grow into independence. The more the author knows of his own character the more he can distance himself from his invented characters and the more room they have to grow in. (Graham Greene)