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Unit 4 T 1 WS

Andrew Ferguson:

Road Rage

Questions on the text:

(Answer the questions in the given order. Keep to the direct and indirect information contained in the text. Answer in your own words as far as is appropriate. Do not just copy essential passages from the text.)

Potential questions on the first paragraph (ll.1-6 in the hand-out text):

1. How does the author try to catch the readers┬┤ interest in the first paragraph? Which stylistic means does he use?

2. In what way does the first paragraph contain an extended metaphor. Explain.

3. From whose perspective(s) is the situation on American roads looked at?

Potential questions on the second paragraph (ll. 7-15in the hand-out text ):

4. Explain the meaning of the words morning ( l. 8) and high noon (l. 9) as they are used in the context.

5. By which means does the writer draw a convincing picture of the bad situation on American roads?

Questions on the whole text:

6. How do most American motorists see other drivers?

7. How do drivers actually behave on the road according to the text? Describe their behavior in your own words.

8. What does the writer see as the reasons for that bad behavior on America's streets and roads?

9. What is being done against road rage?

10. What solutions are suggested by experts? Comment on how effective you think these measures are in solving the problem of road rage as described in the text. (Choose three measures to comment on.)

11. What is the writer's attitude towards American motorists and their behavior?

12. What kind of reader is this text intended for? Examine the structure and language of the text to back up your answer.

13. Do you think that the writer┬┤s way of treating the subject is objective or biased? Explain.

14. The writer also appeals to the reader's sense of humour by decribing humourous situations. Choose one good example and explain the humour in it.