Georg Engel's Ernest J. Gaines: A Lesson Before Dying To understand or not to understand, that is the question...

Ernest J. Gaines:

A Lesson Before Dying

This sequence is based on my talks given this year in Oldenburg, Osnabrück-Bramsche, Hannover-Lehrte and Lüneburg. Also thanks to all the teachers who gave me valuable feed-back. It contains the following parts:

  1. I. Biographical notes on Ernest J. Gaines
  2. II. Lead-in/Introduction
  3. III. Dividing the Novel in eight thematic parts
  4. IV. The support concept for the teacher
  5. V. Developing core competences
  6. V. Post-reading activities
  7. VI. Test proposal
  8. VII. The African-American experience in the novel