Waiting for the Big One

Work Sheet:

I. Questions on the text:

1) Vocabulary work:

a. Which unknown words don’t you have to look up? (because you can conclude the meaning from the context/similar sound/other language)

b. Which words do you have to look up? (Find the correct definition for this particular context in your ALD)

2) Which stylistic devices does the writer use to achieve a vivid impression of the landscape?

(If you have difficulties, you can use the study aid here.)

[Expected answer]

3) Characterize New Englanders’ typical life/behavioiur/activities:

a. in a snowless winter [Expected answer]

b. in a normal winter with snow [Expected answer]

c. in a snowstorm/when snowed-in [Expected answer]

II. Composition:

Write a vivid description of your favourite place (or of your room).