New Englanders' typical life

in a snow storm:

(The line numbers refer to the printed text handed out in class.)

➢ raging of ego (stilled down for a while)

➢ clank of ambition (stilled down for a while)

➢ automobiles buried in snow

➢ dogs/Labradors/retrievers submerged in snow (and reappear)

➢ journey to the mailbox (but don’t expect any mail)

➢ rabid teenagers turn reasonable

➢ formerly sulking husbands perform astonishing feats of snow blowing

➢ formerly whiny wives… marvelous flapjacks

➢ no work (snug + snowed in, can’t reach their stores/offices)

➢ 4-wheel-drive vehicles circulate proudly like tank commanders

➢ pull out mired cars

➢ gloating

➢ school bus does not arrive and drag off kids to school