Stephen Hawking:

Public Attitudes Toward Science

V. Expanding your vocabulary:


(9) population (6) privileged minority (9) vast majority

(85) the entire population

(69) a small proportion of the population (70) mass audience

(35) mad scientist (55) scientists and engineers

Adjectives describing the quality of life:

(9) nasty (9) brutish (8) highly risky (61) rapid


(further) advances; developments in science; (58) scientific concepts

(35) laboratory

(64) molecular biology (71) scientific wonders

Science-related issues:

acid rain, greenhouse effect, nuclear weapons, genetic engineering; computers

Learning/teaching science:

(60) to provide the basic framework; (73) the framework of scientific ideas

(46) to learn by rote

(57) this can be conveyed by words and diagrams

Human qualities:

(17) inquiring minds (20) human initiative (21) ingenuity

Verbs/nouns with gerund constructions:

(17) “…one cannot stop inquiring minds from thinking…”

(23) “…we cannot prevent science… from changing our world…”

(49) “…a precise and accurate way of describing …”

(72) “…without explaining or showing how they fit…”