Work Sheet: The Riddle House

I. Questions on the text:

1) The text is in parts a descriptive text:

a. What mental picture does the reader get of the Riddle House?

b. Which stylistic devices does the writer use to achieve a vivid description of the Riddle House?

2) The text is also a narrative text:

a. How many different time levels can you identify in this passage?

b. Briefly summarize the events which happened fifty years ago.

c. What kind of narrator tells us the story?

d. Which narrative techniques are used?

3) What impression does the reader get of the gardener? Write a characterization of Frank Bryce.

4) From which different viewpoints is the gardener characterized?

5) Find three different stylistic devices the writer uses

6) What makes the story interesting to read? Suspense? Humour? The characters?