Melodie Beattie

What's Codependency, and Who's Got It?

Work Sheet

I. Questions on the text:

1. What are addicts called in the text and how are they characterized?

2. What are codependents?

3. How do they behave towards addicts?

4. What name tags are they given and how does that characterize them.

5. What effect does codependency have on codependents?

6. What is their attitude towards themselves and towards others?

7. What kind of reader is the text aimed at? [Expected answer]

8. Which stylistic devices does the writer use to achieve a convincing explanantion?

[Expected answer]

II. Going beyond the text/Composition:

(Write a composition of at least 200 words on one of the topics)

1) You are an drug addict and write a letter to your friend about how you are treated by your family.

2) Who do you think suffers more, the addict or the codependent? Explain why.