The mode of presentation.

There are two different types:

➢ Scenic presentation:

the action is shown in great detail so that the reader may have the illusion of being a witness of events. The acting time (the time it takes for the action to actually take place) is about equal to the narrating time (the time which is taken to tell that event/action). This usually involves much dialogue and/or interior monologue. Usually achieves more credibility on the part of the reader, because he “witnesses” the action and draws his own conclusion.

➢ Panoramic presentation:

the action is told as a condensed summary of a series of events. The main event(s) of a whole year/several years may be told in a few lines. Its function is to provide information which is necessary to understand the action/plot and/or character’s behaviour/actions/ motives etc.


1) Which parts of the Sheila action (Text 2) are presented in scenic or panoramic presentation? What is the writer's intention with this choice?

a) What about Sheila's background?

b) How is her conflict with Dan presented?

c) How is her change of personality presented?

2) Which parts of the Greene text are presented in scenic or panoraic presentation? Why do we as readers need some panoramic presentation? What is the function of panoaramic presnetation in this passage?