Charles Dickens: Coketown

Work sheet

[This text was an “Abituraufgabe”; we only want to deal with the questions about the descriptive aspects of the text]

Questions on the text:

Answer the following questions on the text. Keep to the direct and indirect information contained in the text, but use your own words as far as possible.

1) Describe the different aspects which make up the atmosphere of Coketown.

[The original question was:

Sum up the pieces of information which make up the atmosphere of Coketown (in the first two paragraphs) Write about 80 words]

[study aid 1]

2) Which stylistic devices does the author use in the description of the setting? Choose four different types and explain their function in the (con-)text.

[study aid 2]

[The original question was:

Find three examples of the author’s richness of descriptive language and explain the function of the vocabulary used.]