Work Sheet: Sheila’s Chance

I. Questions on the text:

Answer the following questions on the text. Keep to the direct and indirect information contained in the text, but use your own words as far as possible.

1) Briefly describe the different steps in Sheila’s career (positions with responsibilities and relevant professional achievements) 10 BE

2) Explain the reason(s) for Sheila’s success in her career:

➢ What was Beau’s contribution? [10 BE]

➢ What could and did she do herself ? [20 BE]

➢ To what extent do you think Dan Whittle was indirectly responsible for her success in her career? (Use your background knowledge.) [10 BE]

40 BE

3) Analyze Sheila’s character as it is reflected in her behavior and thoughts when she met Dan Whittle again. (Her feelings; the image she wants to convey of herself to her ex-lover; her probable intentions?) 20 BE

4) Briefly characterize the type of narrator in this passage. Illustrate your findings with reference to the text. 10 BE